The people of our nation must come together to end the political gridlock engrained within our current political landscape at the local, state and national level. Compromise should be the focus in order to solve our nation’s problems and issues of the day. Right now, that’s not happening. The tug of war between the two primary parties isn’t working for most, and is spawning acts of extremism on both sides. The distance between them is too vast. It is destructive, frustrating, and exhausting. 

Imagine if we collectively pursued candidates, whether they be Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, who have a proven middle of the road approach to governing and pledge to bring our country back together through fair compromise. We, as a united people, must first compromise at the ballot box before we can expect those we elect to come together and compromise. It all starts with who we send to D.C.

Irreconcilable Differences represents a protest to the current state of political gridlock. Insisting on representation that doesn’t have an all or nothing agenda should be a given. Our mission is to put the need for compromise front and center in the politician’s conscience, as well as the voting public. Demand better by sending our politicians in D.C. a message to end the Gridlock. If they can’t come together and compromise, we must replace them with someone who can. 

If compromise fails, the only option will be separation for the safety of all. Unite in the middle or separate. 


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